Unite All Originals

Unite All Originals invited users to team up with hip-hop legends Run DMC and turntablist A-Trak to live remix a music video to their first studio release in over a decade.

Users would talk into their microphone calling out things in the video; "Car, Girl, Shelltoe's", triggering special effects and animations on those objects in real time. Each successfully activated effect would build up your A-Trak combo meter which, when full, would trigger all effects for a short time. Activated effects unlocked downloadable gifs and content in the timeline. Hints could be activated or text input if microphone was unavailable.

Each triggered effect would be plotted on the timeline, clicking on a product or effect would open up the full grid view to allow exploring the FW13 range fully. At the end of the video you are presented with a grid showing how much was unlocked and prompting you to continue exploring.

We used a broad combination of technologies throughout the project including Google's Web Speech API. Machine Molle created a suite of SFX and animation plates for the video. The challenges of keeping up performance whilst handling and streaming multiple large videos led us to create a number of additional effects direct in Flash, using blurs and rough matte painting to make the effects as seamless with the video as possible.

I designed and animated the interface, as well as creating numerous triggerable effects in Flash and a large selection of looping patterns to complement them.

— Hundreds of effects could be triggered by calling out things seen in the video. Activated effects are shown on the contracted timeline.

— If the Web Speech API was not available, users could activate things in the video via keyboard. The shuffle button would also prompt words in both speech and typing mode. A light pulse would animate from the shuffle button every time an animation was activated.

— Clicking on any product or effect on the timeline will open up the full grid view. Animated gif's of every effect could be downloaded and images and links to purchase the range explored.