"Great things happen when musicians share ideas, and collaboration is at the heart of this simple yet sophisticated music-recording app."

Trackd is an app and online platform developed by myself and friends from the idea that sharing and collaboration are foundation stones to great, new music.
In essense, Trackd is a simple way to record your song ideas whenever and wherever you are. Record on up to 8 tracks, mix, pan, set a metronome, write lyrics, all within a clean and simple interface.

Trackd also lets you find and collaborate with likeminded musicians from all over the world. Discovering artists via the feed or searching for something specific; a violinest from Japan, a drummer from Brazil and a singer from the U.S. can quickly collaborate to record something unique.

Trackd has been featured in nearly every iOS App store in the world and continues to get great reviews from our awesome community. Perhaps the best part of Trackd, is simply that people are recording great music with it and sharing their talent and story with the world.

As a co-founder of Trackd my roles have been many and broad, from co-developing concepts, to design, illustration, animation demo's, presentations, branding and more

Download Trackd free on the iOS store now.

A clean, functional but beautiful interface permiates the entire app.

Each user has a web profile to share their music when outside of the app.

I created a suite of over 50 icons for the Trackd app.

Illustration of musicians, artists and instruments were created support social media and future achievements within the app.