Tournament Edition

Tournament Edition aimed to celebrate adidas long held heritage within international tennis and promote the reissue of their classic silhouettes.

Legendary players such as Stan Smith, Rod Laver and Illie Nastase have iconic signature shoes represented within the collection.

Inspired by the materials and craft of the collections construction we created a series of animated scenes set in a 3d space, each inspired by the court. Working with a low-poly-papercraft aesthetic, grass would grow from the floor, balls fall and roll and tennis nets build up from nowhere. Clicking hotspots on the shoes would open up the detail images in panel behind. Some of the scenes had hidden bonus animations activated when clicking certain areas.
The Tournament Edition project is notable as the first full flash site I designed, it was created back in 2007.

I did all the design, creative and animation as well as the initial photography (later re-shot in the same setup). Everything was created in Flash; umpire chair, net, balls, rackets etc. using faux 3D built from skewed textures, shapes and liberal use of blur.

— Forest Hill, navigation would slide in from the top. Rolling over the colour tiles would bring up the colourway information.

— Examples of part of the scene building animations. Not shown is the active score board and the shadows and rolling of the tennis dodecahedrons.

— Heritage, adidas worked with legends such as Stan Smith, Rod Laver and Illie Nastase.