The Pantheon

The Pantheon is a celebration of the music that fuels my days and nights in and around London.

I have a passion for British music, especially for the genres grown from the inner cities; Grime, Garage, Jungle, Neo Soul and more. The Pantheon is my illustrated and animated hall of fame of the producers, singers, rappers and dj's that make the British music scene so rich. From Grime to Hip-Hop to Neo Soul, British artists are the creative force behind much of what is good in music globally (yup, I'd go that far).

Innovative Grime record label and DJ's Butterz were the first animation completed, alongside Neo Soul artist Obenewa, Hip-Hop group 2Morrows Victory and Jazz/Funk/Grime artist, Swindle.

The Pantheon is an ongoing project.

— Swindle, 2Morrows Victory, Butterz and Obenewa.

— Swindle test illustration, based on his debut album launch party.

— As well as the artist animations above, I also started some brief lip-sync tests, this one of Elijah from Butterz interviewing DJ an Producer, Plastician.

— The original test animation and illustration were a slightly more complex style.