Spine Magazine

Spine Magazine was long prominent as one of the best sources of breaking Hip-Hop news, album reviews and genre journalism.

Whilst working at creative agency U-Dox we were tasked at revamping the Spine Magazine site. Working with the nature of 'breaking news' we wanted to offer up snippets as opposed to full length articles. In early 2008 micro blogging was still in its infancy and the approach we took was quite innovative looking back. We created an 'endless feed' of content, the user being able to scroll through every piece of news ever posted on the site. Using dynamic loading the whole archive is searched and accessed seamlessly. The site had a built in music player that could play clips attached to posts or stream any of the dedicated Spine Magazine radio shows. Each post had a unique id that made it instantly shareable and post were comment enabled. The entire site was built in Flash.

I designed and animated the site as well as building several prototype versions in Flash to demonstrate interactions and functionality.

— Spine Magazine homepage. The scrollbar acts more as an accelerator for the scroll direction. Top ten, latest album reviews and competitions are also on the homepage.

— Album reviews are archived on the site. Rolling over the track name shows the artist in the top ten and the DJ's can quickly be switched and loaded into the player.