Skies Of Chaos

A retro shoot em'. Battle an Evil Empire. Obliterate the enemy. Explode things... lot's of things!

Skies Of Chaos is an upcoming retro shoot em' up, planned for mobile, console and pc/mac. Inspired in equal parts by Amiga, Megadrive and SNES classics, SoC builds on the retro asthetic with simple gameplay filled with explosions galore, epic boss battles that fill the screen and beautiful 16bit landscapes.
SoC, our first game, is being developed by myself and James Eaton. I'm developing the art, level design and animation whereas James is doing the majority of the code build. Below is some of the game assests and work-in-progress. We're aiming for a release of the first level - and demo - in January 2018. Keep a look out!

Follow our journey as we develop our first game:

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