Share a Coke

The Share a Coke app let users create and share a unique animated story based on their summer plans with their friends.

We asked the question Who are you sharing a Coke with this summer and then matched keywords in their answers to a huge toolkit of content to generate a fun animated pop-up story.
Illustrators Serge Seidlitz and Ceyln Brazier worked with us crafting over 800 elements which we brought to life with a combination of keyframe and skeletal animation.
We used CSS3, sprite sheets, HTML5 and Javascript for a unified experience across desktops, tablets and mobile.
I designed the interface for the app and created over a hundred animations using a mixture of techniques, tweening, stretching, rotating and skewing a little bit of life into our multitude of colourful characters. You can view an interaction demo of the site below.

— Animations were created by breaking apart the original illustrations into individual pieces, re-drawing missing parts and rigging them together.

— Friends were added via Facebook connectivity.

— Your custom animation unfolding with the skydivers landing in the background.