Schnellor Ins Trikot

Schneller ins trikot is an interactive Football experience that utilises adidas miCoach data and offers the chance to have your Sunday League team trained by the German national team coaches.

Users explore a virtual locker room where they can get training tips from coach Joachim Löw as well as encouragement from other national team players. By linking up with your F50 Boot miCoach data, you can log and track training a selection of drills. Completing these earns you a series of badges and achievements which increase your chance of being selected for the national team training. As well as a training tool, the site also let you collect friends/fans support to add to your football sticker book, review your badges on the trophy wall, discover photos and facts in the players lockers and explore 3D models of the adidas F50 boot and more.

I designed all the interface for the main and sign-up site and created the animations for the drills as well as some additional environmental flourishes. The background plates were created by Studio Aiko and the badges by Fraser Davidson.

— Transition between the 4 walls / rooms.

— The drills overview lets you select which training drill to explore or log points to, active drills would have the lightning bolt showing in the top right corner.

— Rolling over a drill would activate a short animation previewing that exercise.

— The user would connect with their miCoach data and log that a drill had been completed to secure points. Weekly training progress could be viewed by a live graph and drill information shared, downloaded or printed out.