Overheard is a visual diary of the odd and often dark ramblings of friends + randoms. Recorded in my phone's notes and always anonymous.

People say the strangest things when they don't know you're listening. Since 2011 I've been writing down overheard conversations - the dark, funny and crude - heard in the street, at work, in bars and more. From hundreds of notes I've ammased a journal of the things people will say out of earshot of others.

Overheard is an ongoing illustrated blog of these contextless and anonymous quotes from my phone's notes. The illustrations are at times abstract but always related to the meaning of the quote. The background colour is related it's lead category; Work, Love, Life etc, and it's intensity, from pale to saturated, relates to the time at which the quote was taken eg. A dark orange being a quote about 'Men' taken at the early hours.

You can view the ever growing blog of quotes at overhearyou.com

— "if I squint really hard when I look at it...I kind of like it..." 17:40, 2016

— Examples of the quotes taken from my phone's notes and the Overheard blog.