Les Petits Services

Les Petits Services explored the ways SNCF made every part of your journey comfortable, reliable and enjoyable, from home to station to destination, through any weather at any time of year.

Les Petits Services was an interactive video experience that let the user change the weather affecting the scene at any point. The live action video would seamlessly switch as the protagonist talks uninterrupted about the many benefits of the SNCF services. To affect the scene the user would drag the animated sun, clouds, leaves or moon and stars onto the main video. Exploring further, each of the services had a page describing its benefits and had a unique illustrated animation to portray it.

I assisted with design of the interface and illustrated and created the animations on the site. Everything was created in Flash, the faux 3D achieved with skewing and transforming and the paper-craft look created by adding noise layer textures to every side and shape.

— Dragging the sun, clouds, leaves or moon onto the video would switch between the different scene types.

— Rollover animations for the weather transition icons.

— Watch an example of the site interacitons and seamless transitions.

— Examples of some of the simple animations created.