Goo Dares Wins

Goo Dares Wins was Creme Egg's contribution to Cadbury's London 2012 Olympics 'Spots and Stripes' campaign.

First up, users choose which side they will represent, Spots or Stripes. Next up you select a dare to complete or suggest your own. Filming and uploading the result to youtube and tagging it with the #goodareswins and #spots or #strips tags, your dare is added to the collection. If your dare was successful you would win points towards your team and you'll also be in with the chance of winning extra prizes for yourself too.
Celebrity users such as McFly also created and completed dares for the campaign. Leader-boards tracked who were the most successful users.

I designed and illustrated the entire site including some extra toolkit elements for the digital advertising campaign. The center piece of the site was a tv stack showing dynamic screenshots of some of the latest dares completed by users.

— The dynamic homepage, the latest dares flickering across all the screens, the lights pulsing and the Creme Egg moving back and forth across the control panel.