"Chill is your soundtrack for relaxation, focus, and mental wellbeing. Within seconds you'll be creating audio tracks which help you block out all distractions and find inner calm."

Chill is a audio and visual mediation app. Users tap to generate a droplet which rises up and forms the center of their meditaion session.
Tapping in the space triggers calming sounds and forms additional droplets which can be dragged, pushed and merged with each other - similar to a multicolour 'lava lamp'. Each droplets sound modulates as they interact with each other. The droplets move like plasma slowly orbiting and falling into the center as their sound plays out.
The more taps/interactions, the more intense and violent the colours and movement.

I concepted the interaction and developed the visuals and UI for the app.

— Simple tactile interactions and beautiful calming audio. User taps to create their audio droplet. Tapping creates additional droplet that move and intersect with each other as they orbit the central vibe.