Chanel Chance

Chanel Chance was an interactive video with a branching narrative that explored the idea of 'chance' interaction with the Chance perfume range.

Zeitguised worked with us and directed the film while we worked to create the interactive and supplementary elements for the global campaign. The interactive was created with HTML5 which provided a unified experience across all devices and was delivered in 24 languages.

Users watching the film were presented with different interaction points, swiping and tapping in different ways would take them down a different route of the narrative. Users could at any point pause the film and select a hi-res still to download by scrubbing a selection of frames back and forth, thus getting the perfect image.

I designed the interface for the site as well as helping to develop some the animated products, supplementary digital advertising and a custom experience for Chinese social media.

Each of the products would have their own looping motion sculpture that echoed the video. This is a test animation - minus shading and shadows.