"Albion have been working with Berlin-based healthtech startup Ada Health to transform their backend doctor diagnostic tool into a consumer service that can turn the doctor-patient relationship into a genuine partnership."

Ada is an innovative health tool, a 'virtual health companion on the go'. Users can input symptoms they're experiencing and recieve preliminary diognosis from Ada's intelligent interactive bot. Users can then contact a doctor direct via in-app video call to further their diognosis, order prescriptions and continue to develop a detailed picture of their health over time.

My role was to take the existing live app and work to improve the user experience. I completed a full re-design of the navigation and UI, clarfying the symptom assesments and future proofing for an expanded set of features. With the chat AI the core of the experience, all additional information sits within a card system floating on top of the ADA experience.

ADA UI and UX re-design. Clarifying information and interactions.

Review your Health cases in a clear and simple timeline format.

Notifications keep you up to date with doctor appointments, prescriptions and more.